Wednesday, December 8, 2010

“No arms, No legs, No worries!”

“No arms, No legs, No worries!”

I happened to watch this video the other day that featured Nick Vujicic. I’m pretty sure not many know or have even heard of him. There was one thing about that video that struck me hard! Nick was born without arms or legs and has still managed to live a life of worth, perhaps worthier than most ‘normal’ people as you would call it. He has made people smile. He has truly touched the hearts of thousands, if not millions; even if it is with something minuscule that he has said or done or something that has made them feel good about themselves. There are testing times in life, he is no exception. He wanted to give up on life just as everyone else does at certain junctures. But then he realized that there is much more to life than giving up. There is more to life than losing hope and definitely much more to life than not making a difference. That’s precisely where he was different. He thought different, wanted to do something for others, discovered that covet in himself to impact others.

Fear is a bigger disability than having no arms or legs.

So, why in this so-called liberated world, do we fear? Why are we bound to the confines of our own psyche? Why are people apprehensive of believing in their dreams and working towards them? Dreams aren’t just meant to enthrall you while asleep. Often, they show you what you don’t dare to even consider in full awareness.

If what ‘people’ are going to think of you is impeding you, I’d like to question that. How many of those people have actually commended you on your achievements or even come close to it? Critics loom like Eagles, and use their talons to squash the zeal out of you; because they clearly do not have the nerve to defy their own mindsets and cannot see others doing it; just like ‘a dog in the manger’. It is because we seek opinions often that they actually go about their dealings with the same regularity. Another opinion is just going add to the confusion, if any. Either way, you do whatever you feel like ultimately, might as well do it without a prior judgment. Follow your instinct and heed to your intuition. What could be better than listening to your heart and doing exactly what you want to do? To err is human, you learn from mistakes; at least you won’t regret not even trying because of another’s opinion. Try meting out a deaf ear to everybody who tries to dispirit you; you’ll spot stars in your reach then.

When you fall... don't just lie there! Get back up and keep trying and you WILL reach your goal. In other words -Never give up!

Or wait a minute; is it out of the fear of not being good enough? Who says you’re not good enough? Who are the populace to evaluate whether or not you’re worth it? Are they, themselves worth THAT? Who knows you better than yourself? Ask yourself, who knows you better than yourself and the answer is right there; nobody but yourself. So why are we scared of not being ‘good enough’ just because some insignificant opinion states so? Is that even worth it? No, it’s not. Never was and never will be. You don’t have to be the most beautiful person on the face of the planet to be special, you are yourself, and that is special. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There cannot be someone else like YOU. You are distinct and you have it in you to make whatever you want happen.

Like Nick says,

“If the world thinks you’re not good enough, it’s a lie, you know. Get a second opinion”.

Everyone has different ideas and visions for oneself, irrespective of whether anybody else understands it or not. The outcome does not depend on who understands it and who doesn’t. If you think you can, you can or you’re binding yourself. We cannot recede from that fervor because we have failed once.

"The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there to run us over."

If Nick is happy living without limbs, then why aren’t we happy having everything we want? Why aren’t we satisfied with life? Why aren’t we grateful for what we have? Why is there is a constant hunger for more? The hunger for more is good in terms of striving for excellence, but not when you’ve convinced yourself that perpetually hungry for more. Then, even the best food can never satisfy you. Only we have an answer to that WHY! Maybe it's time, time to get out there and make the most of life and chase your dreams, for all you know, it might be the best thing that has happened to you!

"I'm happy to be alive and I thank God for that."

“I believe in a God that can do all things, but if he chooses not to give me arms and legs, I know it’s for the better. And I may not understand it, but all I need to know is that He is going to carry me through, that there is a purpose for it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life, a Fairytale?

When I was just a little girl, Momma read me some lovely stories which were about;how wonderfully crafted life is with chocolate houses, how the Prince rides on his beautiful white horse to get his Princess, how evil is always overpowered by the good, etc. which were known as ‘Fairy’-tales for a reason, but, I learnt with time and believed, that it is just meant to be in a hard bound book with fairies and a lot of ‘pink’ all over which just is restricted to tales and never happens in the authentic world, as we were made to imagine since childhood! Life isn’t fair when you’ve been fed with thoughts of perfect lives when, reality is just the contrary.

Considering how my life has unfolded in these past 22 years, it has never been a bed of roses, as I’m pretty sure nobody’s has at some stage or the other. But, then again, I have come to terms with the fact eventually that, it’s only your perspective that makes life a fairytale or a nightmare. My life is a tale of the modern world, which is phasing out exactly how it phases out in the stories, and will end with a ‘Happy ending’.

My tale happens to be an amalgamation of nuances of different facets. I reckon, sometimes, you just know that certain things are meant to be. The inner voice in your head is testimony. The stronger the belief, the louder the voice and the more you know you’re on your way there. That feeling of euphoria, the positive vibes, the insinuations, are all just a substantiation of the same.

The tale of my life is as enchanting and full of magical episodes that have worked out of the realm of the ordinary. It is an assimilation of certain occurrences in the past couple of years that have made me believe in ‘dreams’. If anyone has read, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, it initially would seem like a concept which is uncanny and gets you pondering on how true it is. But, it is and has worked for me over and over again inadvertently. In layman terms; you are what you think, you get what you think you want, and you achieve and lose what you think you can or can’t. It all begins with that one thought. That one bug can either make or break your life irrespective of what the populace has to say about it. You make your life, you make things happen and when that belief in something is robust, there’s no looking back. It has nothing to do with the element of luck as some may deem it because luck is nothing but a manifestation of an uncreative mind wherein you surrender and leave things to occur by themselves and if it doesn’t work out that way, term it as ‘bad luck’. We all dream a lot - some are ‘lucky’, some are not. But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it's real. You are what you feel. It has nothing to do with Luck. As Bon Jovi said, ‘The harder you work towards something, the luckier you get’.

Fairy-tales aren’t a result of someone working hard, though, are they? It is complete fantasy, so ideally fabricated in favor of the whims and fancies of the protagonist that it makes you want to exist there. It makes you want to live in that very world of enchantment. I love this world of mine where fantasy merges with reality and makes it worth living. At the end of each day, if living life your way makes you happy, nothing else should matter, should it, because if you don’t think of your happiness who will? Dread not of dreaming; chase them and live them. There’s no sense in living a life without the enchantment and thrill of a fairytale. Fairytales only exist for those who have the courage to believe in their life being worthwhile and those who believe enough to devise them. As naïve as it may sound, fairytales and angels do exist, to seek wherein they lie is subjective to the creativity of your mind. I’m living my fairytale and I relish the enchantment of it day in and day out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Ashes prelude!

From one of the most eminent rivalries in cricket, to one of the most exciting contests, ‘The Ashes’ has it all. The Ashes is not too far away now, being less than a month away. Coming from an ardent Australian cricket fan, I’d love to throw light on the significance of the series.

The Ashes is one of the oldest and most zealous series in cricketing history. Its origin dates back to 1882, after a match played between the two countries in which Australia beat England at the Oval for the first time, and a newspaper contained the satirical obituary that stated, English cricket had died, and the body will be cremated and’ The Ashes’ taken to Australia.

On 2 September a more celebrated mock obituary, written by Reginald Brooks under the pseudonym "Bloobs", appeared in The Sporting Times, It read:

In Affectionate Remembrance



which died at the Oval


29th AUGUST 1882,

Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing

friends and acquaintances


N.B.—The body will be cremated and the

Ashes taken to Australia.

When this is what The Ashes meant way back then, with advancing times, the rivalry and fervor with which it is played has also advanced to a new level. The emotions that stir while watching the players walk onto the field is an emotional as ever. Watching the Men sporting the ‘Baggy Green’, walk onto ‘The Gabba ‘fills you with pride and devotion like never before. Sure that the Pommies will have their Barmy Army backing them, but this year, it’s being played on our soil, our territory, our kingdom and there will be the war of the hemispheres. We’re right up there when it comes to playing with ardor, making a match out of nothing, bouncing back in marshy times and trying, fighting till the last second of the game, giving it our all.

We dream big, elevate our goals, and set the highest benchmarks, all in the pursuit of excellence. We’ve encountered ultimate success, experienced atrocious failures, and ridden on the wave of highs and lows in recent times. But, that has only given us character. Character to believe in ourselves; to celebrate our victory, not someone’s failure, character to still aim high, character to fight, fight till the last limit of our potential, character never to compromise on the standards we have set for ourselves even if that means, offending the world, the character to take failure with as much grace as we take success and last, character to never give up.

It does not matter, what statistics say, what rankings say, what the world says, as long as we’ve got our eyes set where they need to be. Ricky Ponting, has indeed inspired people beyond the mind's eye. If a man has the gift of inspiring common man, possessing merely an indomitable spirit that only inspires you to dream big, believe in yourself and conquer all your fears, then, he indeed is the right man to be leading the Australians into the series without a doubt. If you as a leader have pushed your troops to always play for a result, the result may or may never be in your favor, but what matters is the attitude, to win or to fall trying to win and to get back up and maintain the same.

The Baggy Green is a priceless possession for any Australian cricketer, and watching the lads walk out is a feeling beyond words. It is overwhelming to watch your boys take stance to bowl the first ball or face the first ball being bowled. This year’s Ashes, cricket of the highest quality will be witnessed and the youngies will be tested. It is up to the future stars of the Australian cricket team to stand up and prove themselves against what is a much more experienced English side. Expect no mercy from either side. The only thing that will make my team stand out will be the zeal to beat the Poms at home. This year too, the Ashes will be brought back to where it belongs!

John Arlott, an English journalist wrote, "Australianism, means single-minded determination to win - to win within the laws but, if necessary, to the last limit within them. It means where the 'impossible' is within the realm of what the human body can do, there are Australians who believe that they can do it - and who have succeeded often enough to make us wonder if anything is impossible to them. It means they have never lost a match - particularly a Test match - until the last run is scored or their last wicket down."


Monday, October 25, 2010

Nothing Else Matters.

So, how many out there can actually say they know themselves in and out? How many can say they know what they want out of their life? How many have been living for themselves, what they like and what they feel? How many have lived a life and done things not just to please somebody else? How many can say they have always been instinctive enough to follow their sixth sense and their heart, in a crisis or even otherwise? I’m pretty sure, not even 40%. So why exactly haven’t we been taught to live life according to our likes and dislikes? Why have we been restricted to follow stereotype ways of life? Why have we been unable to follow our dreams, intrepid of the consequences? Why? There is not a solitary answer to this matter, but it is a question that can be answered ONLY by one self!

It always is the norm of the world that you are perpetually apprehensive ahead of doing what you want to do, because of fear of failure or trepidation of what people would say. We might even go to the extent of leading a mundane life without a purpose, but that’s acceptable to us, because that’s what every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing and it’s just plain convenient. When we have the sense to fight for petty things in life, why can’t we ever break the shackles of judgments? Why are we stuck onto things we have been conditioned with when we have conveniently liberated from what doesn’t suit us? Why do we care about that society, who does zilch when in need? Why do we care about what people say, when they’ve never uttered one word of appreciation? Who are they to criticize when they haven’t ever encouraged? Why do we still care? It is a choice that has been left to us to make, at the end of each day.

Nothing happens until that first dream. The dream is felt, once you’ve woken up. It is the blueprint of your destination. It is always the stepping stone. You dream a dream with closed eyes but you’ve already visualized it to see it transpire. All you need is conviction in the dream and faith in yourself. Unless you believe in what you yearn for with heaps of passion, you can’t move a leaf. Passion is the catalyst to achieve everything you have envisaged for yourself. There is fine line between passion and obsession and none of the two is unconstructive, if, for the right reason. The obsession about a dream filled with passion is the trajectory to your terminal.

We learn from mistakes. A mistake is not a mistake if it is done deliberately. So mistakes in life are pretty much inadvertent, but inescapable too. Every event in your life, every move you’ve made, and every person you’ve loved is a choice you’ve made. Some might have been right, some wrong, but there is something that has been learnt from all these events and has evolved you into a different person. You discover yourself in the process. Mistakes are made; people have learnt from them and advanced ahead. Nobody’s life is a bed of roses and nobody’s, full of thorns. Everybody has scraps of both but, it is up to you how you emerge out of it or choose to stay in it. There again, it’s a choice you’ve got to make. Character comes from within and you can be the honest judge of your own, not others. It shouldn’t matter what people think of you, or even say about you, as long as you believe in yourself and your strokes with the brush.

Failure isn’t always a failure. A letdown is also a nuance of learning. You aren’t a failure because of what you want, that didn’t work out, and you only fail for good, if you’re not willing to try again. You try, you fail, you try again and you thrive. If that second shot wasn’t given, who knows how life’s trail would’ve been altered. It is your reflection process, your ability to cope with rejection, your ability to remain serene during triumph and your outlook towards the world that pare your life into the beautiful sculpture, just as you see in your mind's eye. The paradigm of paradox lies in your actions, when you crave but do nothing about it.

Now is the time, time to believe, dream and inspire. You inspire, first yourself and then the world. Your passion evolves from that one idea, idea from your dream, your dream from your vision; your vision evolves from your eye! So the inception of your life begins with how you choose to ‘see’ the world around you. Break free from the shackles of inhibitions and take your stride to revolutionize your existence, that otherwise will just remain a reverie which could’ve been reality!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

All the crazy shit we did those nights... they'll be there as memories!

We judge people often, even before wanting to get to know them. Just as everything is never as it seems, nobody is really as they come across at first sight. Perhaps, the eye of the beholder is the one at fault, in this case, mine. Seldom do people or even I for that matter, stop to think for a second that there may be lot of emotions behind that facade that people bear; emotions of varying nuances. That first opinion about someone stops us from making the effort, to even engage in a simple conversation or even exchange a mere greeting. This is probably why I missed out on getting to know a few people better, in the past one month.

The first day I walked in to that seminar hall, I looked around for someone approachable, but I found none. I never thought I'd feel out of place in a crowd of complete strangers since making conversation isn't too hard for me, but that day, it indeed was. I picked up my phone just to talk to mum who had just dropped me off hoping I'd feel a little better. It did help for a bit, but I still felt gazes being shot at my direction, as if I was in the wrong place. That was probably the first time I thought, maybe I don't merge in that easily.. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it just unsettles me for a bit. I looked around to see a bunch of people and without realizing, in the next couple of hours I had opinions about quite a few of them, which when I look back are completely opposing of what I had inferred then.

Some people completely change the course of your life, moving you with sometimes, the smallest things they say or certain incidents that take you back to the start of the thinking chain. I can say most definitely that some things have compelled me to look into things that probably come across as pretty big-headed, which wasn't meant to be that way. Rectifications can only be made when acceptance of the issue creeps in, but that's not the point right now.. I have found some amazing people in those who I didn't even try making conversation with, initially. People don't have to appeal to you the second you see them, but I don't think judgments should be made instantly without even knowing them well enough to have opinionated views.

This was probably the first time ever, that it took me barely a month to have gotten so attached to certain people that it is hard to still believe that they're all gone; gone to different places in the country to work, gone to begin a new life for themselves, gone to outshine everybody else. It isn't easy to melt the pride of the 'lioness', but it has melted me, in the adoration of the ones, that made a difference in their own little way. I probably can never look back and regret any bit of the time spent with them nor can I let go off all the wonderful times we've had, though they were pretty short-lived but, I sure can regret not getting to know them a little before I actually did. I can't thank you guys enough for all that you guys have done. I probably have had lovely times like these after years now. I still remember the train leaving...
But, believe me on this, all of you have moved me in a way uncomprehending to the bland eye.
Thank you for all the wonderful times and memories.
I love you all!

"Memories are a medium of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose"


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doors of perception

What seems like arrogance,

to me is determination;

The surge of optimism

is the ‘cricketer’ power;

The greenery of jealousy,

shows not less than adoration;

The idiocy of love,

adds color to my life;

The tumult of confusion,

is the abundance of opportunity;

The striking of helplessness,

is merely blindness to chances staring at me;

Piercing music thumping against my eardrums,

is respite from the knot in my head;

The egoistic manifestation,

is not jeopardizing what I believe in;

Acceptance of the mistakes I’ve made,

Give me a chance to avoid them henceforth;

Edification of numerous dreams,

are just pawns to the fortress;

The secrecy of events,

is preventing the jinxing of the same;

The affection of numerous people,

is the excess of love piled up, to be given;

Forgiveness granted,

is letting loose of the burden on my head;

The trust invested easily,

is in the hope that integrity still exists;

Turning a blind eye to pretense,

is convincing myself, that the untainted exist;

Belief in my dreams and myself,

is sheer zeal to achieve beyond limitations of the wits;

Seeking happiness in the small things in life,

are a reminder of the coldblooded world I live in;

Whatever occurs has a reason behind it;

seeking the right or wrong in it, is in my head;

There are facts my perception defies,

but this is life through my eyes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The shooting star in my head...

I spotted a shooting star in the sky,

I felt like soaring into the darkness, and fly.

The stars high above flickered and winked,

And the luminary vanished as I blinked.

I ogled at the nothingness; but we still look up,

To hope, blame, wish and at times to shun a crack-up.

Why had I hoped to see a falling star?

Can anything help, especially something so far?

I pondered on what my desire meant

Was I that helpless and bent,

that I had to depend on a myth?

Everything I want was presented, forthwith.

Still, for the guardian angel, I yearn,

For from the past, I have learnt,

If you believe in your dreams,

all will churn out, exactly as you deem.

A shooting star won’t fetch me what I seek,

It’s solely me, even if I’m judged a freak.

Amongst the fallacy I’d stop to think,

Was it me or the star; I’d probably rethink.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I realize what they say is true, today. You don’t know how it feels, till it happens to you or one of your own. When the world was busy celebrating ‘Friendship Day’, a few of us were mourning the loss of a dear friend. We read so many articles in the newspapers everyday about various felonies, but nobody really relates to it. You feel bad for sometime and boom you're back to routine. Today I know what that feels; to lose someone you’ve known, to lose someone you’ve spent time with, one who didn't have mean the world to me, but who still occupied a little space in my world, even if she just existed.

After something like this happens, your mind is at its wobbly best. I was thinking all day what if it was me? What if something like that happens to me? What about all the things I wanted to do in life? What if this is the eye opener? I don’t know what is going to happen in the next waking second, for that matter even the long sleeping seconds. But there is one thing I learnt today, to live each day as if it were your last and do all you can, before time is up because that’s something that is never in your hands. I don’t want to take regret with me to my grave, whether or not I take anything else. I know I am here for a reason and I shall not depart till it has been accomplished, but it is never known what destiny has in store. I might as well not have people crying after I’m gone, but have them smile now while I can see it because I do not believe in the multiple life theory. You live once, you love once, you achieve, fail and learn in that one life and you die once; the end of the story. So it’s now or never.

I wonder sometimes, what sort of a person could even think he has the right to deprive someone else of ‘LIFE’! The Human mind is capable of the most heinous thoughts and they act based on it. Aren’t there anything called scruples existing in today's world? In the book, The Kite runner, I love this quote:
"Now, no matter what the mullah teaches, there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft... When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife's right to a husband; rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness... There is no act more wretched than stealing, Amir."

Acceptance of the fact that the state of the world is in tatters, is perilous, because we accept and we forget. We soon will forget even this and live with it... This is my way of remembrance. Remembrance of the fact that it's now or never. This is the ONE opportunity I've got to do all I want. I don’t exactly know what to even say anymore... But this post is only for that friend of mine who had to swallow the brunt of someone’s obsession!

One day your life will flash by, like a running train before your eyes... You got to make sure it is worth watching and smile that it has gone by, just as beautifully just as you wanted to whittle it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Whispers in the morning

The caress of the malicious wind,
the clatter of raindrops on the window sill,
The sprint of life outside my flap,
doesn’t pry the riot inside.

Equanimity, I use as a façade
to conceal the unease building within,
‘Cuz I thought it was just about time,
but time, it isn’t still.

That doesn’t change how you’ve possessed;
every unbroken thought in my head,
the gamut of dreams of you, that I’ve fabricated
and the burgeoning memories you’ve left me with.

The indelible scar that you’ve left behind
will not mend with time,
Until that very jiffy when you come around,
nothing will ever be perfect.

Your lambent face, those lucid eyes,
that whiff of enchantment I can’t deny,
the poise of joy, the conjuring persona,
crushes my defenses, by a mile.

The assiduous adoration knows no vicinity,
For you are all I yearn for;
Callous till then I shall be and wait,
For I have savored once, the taste of my subsistence
in You.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My answer to the eternal question!

This probably is the best time to write this, since it was just last night that Australia lost the Natwest Series to England. I have always been asked, not by one, but, almost by every single person I've ever known as to, Why I like the Australian Cricket team so much. There has never been a single reason that I could pick.The reasons that I'm going to list out are probably the closest I can come to, to elucidate exactly why.

Coming from where my folks have loved various sports, I loved the team everybody else did, and supported the Indian cricket team just like, Dad or my cousins, aunt's and uncle's did but, that was only till, I actually understood the game and the morals accompanying it.

It dates back to the 1996 World Cup..The Aussies had a couple of close games, but made it to the final which they lost eventually. Under Steve Waugh's leadership, they won the 1999 WC which was one of their greatest achievements since they had their backs to the wall and had to win 7 out of 7 matches to make it, and they did. Under his captaincy, the Australians reached a record of 16 test match wins in a row as they reiterated a few years later, under the captaincy of Ricky Ponting. After Ricky Ponting was handed over captaincy in 2002, the Australians won the 2003 World Cup having been unbeaten the entire World Cup, which is a brilliant achievement which was replicated exactly in the 2007 World Cup.

Their achievements have been outstanding through the years now but, that is NOT why I am a fan. As a teenager, there have been times where I've looked for a respite and they were the reprieve, from my enclave. They became an inspiration of a different sort, which has kept me going ever since. The match that caught my attention was, the must-win game against South Africa in the 99 WC, wherein Steve Waugh played a match winning century to take Australia home. Ever since, I have been bowled over by the determination and grit of these lads! They are ever prepared to take up any challenge that coerces them in any possible way. They are one of the most determined and optimistic people I have ever come across and it has just made my stand stronger over the years. They have always maintained such equanimity during distress and have emerged out of those circumstances as winners. It is not only victory, literally, that makes you a winner always. Over the years, I have witnessed that, they never harp about a loss nor do they bask in the glory of victory for more than those few hours of reflection after a match, because they know tomorrow is a different day and the task is the same. Acceptance of the reason for a failure, makes you a potential winner.

They have such robust personalities that whenever I find myself in dire straits, I stop and think, what would someone like a Ricky Ponting have done if he was in my situation? I do get an answer and I know what I need to do, be pragmatic. It could come across as insanity to most, but, that's me! I'd have to say, Ricky Ponting has had a tremendous influence on me,most because of his 'never give up' attitude! He emanates an aura of inspiration! He has inspired his team to such great extents, it's amazing! He has maintained Australia's position, still as one of the best teams after the retirement of the greats, like Gilchrist, Hayden, McGrath etc. Only a improbable leader can do that! Ponting once said to the newbie Peter Siddle,'We play matches to win or lose, seldom to draw them.' It is something I can never forget, ever. There's either victory or failure; nothing in between and it is true. A draw is a compromise because of the inability to win, but it is not victory. I believe in it, with all my heart.

Matthew Hayden was to be dropped from the 2007 world cup squad given the slump in his form, but he was given a chance. Critics contemplated the close of his career, but what happened in the WC, was no secret. He was the highest run scorer in the WC! Adam Gilchrist, just when he was going through one of the darkest times emotionally, comes out and scores a double century. Just when a denigrator thinks it's smart to pick on Ricky Ponting, he scores a double century to prove him wrong. Just when Shane Warne is termed 'overrated' by an opposition captain, he culminates into the greatest spinner in the world. Just when Brett Lee is said to be losing track, he rips through the line-up of the opposition to win his team the match. Just when everybody has lost hope, we have a Mike Hussey to save the day with an unrealistic win! Steve Waugh, an acolyte to John Buchanan, pushed the Australians to raise the bar of cricket being played, which they succeeded in doing. Every endeavor they take up has a new lesson in store for me.

Arrogant, haughty, egoistic are what many have termed them to be; they have been deplored time and again. But, I haven't seen humbler, unpretentious and people as modest; bearing in mind the magnitude of their achievements and acquisitions. It is not arrogance, just sheer determination to prove the cynic wrong! After having met 28 Australian cricketers; including Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, Brett Lee, Matthew Hayden, Andrew Symonds, Michael Clarke and Mitchell Johnson, etc. I have realized how untrue those accusations have been. They are the most charming people I have ever met. They have made me feel special ,a simple fan amidst those millions out there, as special as anyone ever has. They don't need to make people feel special, but they do. Whether it is Matthew Hayden thanking me for my support and love, or Adam Gilchrist saying I have a beautiful name, or a Mike Hussey saying he will do all he can to win because he hasn't seen such a fan, or a Brett Lee saying, 'Thank you, darling', singing and says he remembers me, or an Andrew Symonds acknowledging the love and appreciation, or a Mitchell Johnson saying he hopes to see me the next time he's here, or, a David Warner replying to my text message; it is the most beautiful feeling when the people you love unconditionally, never expecting anything in return, give you THAT! A small little thing like that can make a cyclopean of a difference.
When you don't expect anything, whatever comes your way brings you happiness, seldom otherwise.

Why I mentioned earlier, that it is the best time to write this and answer the question that I have always been asked, since it is extremely conspicuous that I love the Aussies is that, yesterday, while they played England, they were defending a meek 212, which gives them a moral disadvantage from the start of the second innings. Though I am optimistic most of the times, I gave up on the thought of them even coming minutely close. But they did not. England who were 184-3,crumpled to 203-9 within a short span, giving ME HOPE, but what I didn't realize is Australia played with the hope and were in pursuit of a win, right from the start which is why they even got there, and never gave up on TRYING. They eventually lost, but the fact that they had managed to even get there, to that position and that they tried, everything within their possibilities, that nobody ever could've done, makes them winners.
They have won such matches earlier that everybody took for granted as a lost cause, wherein they've defended a total of 174 against Pakistan in a Test match and grabbed 3 wickets in the last 3-4 overs to bag the Sydney test against India. Both the matches were otherwise a lost cause, that would've concluded as a win and as a draw respectively, but they converted both into victories. That is why John Arlott, an English journalist wrote, "Australianism, means single-minded determination to win - to win within the laws but, if necessary, to the last limit within them. It means where the 'impossible' is within the realm of what the human body can do, there are Australians who believe that they can do it - and who have succeeded often enough to make us wonder if anything is impossible to them. It means they have never lost a match - particularly a Test match - until the last run is scored or their last wicket down."

I believe in this with every working sense in my system. They have added color to the gallery of my dreams. I do not regret one iota of all the support, love and respect I have for them! They have inspired me to realm of the extraordinary and have helped dig out the best in me, without even realizing it. I will never forget the impact these lads have had on my life and me,no matter what!

Faith and belief in what seems, the unfathomable to everyone around me, are the only orbit to my dreams!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The beginning to an exciting journey...

I have read people's blogs and have always wondered how they can actually sit and write so beautifully. There have been some amazing ones that I have come across. I have always wanted to write, write with the elegance of Dale Carnegie or the idealism of Ayn Rand. But, you always know that there is something about you that is and will remain unique. You cannot be someone or do what they do. There is a perpetual distinctive feature about all of us that is just so special and is loved immensely. This being my first, I'd like to share something I wrote about roughly 8 years ago. It was the eve of 'Independence Day', so the 14th of August, 2002.

On the eve, of Independence Day, I think of the country’s state,

Is this really, India’s fate?

Is this what our freedom fighters fought for?

It was not to see such a day, I’m sure!

People are just looking for excuses to kill each other,

Nobody spares anyone, not even his own brother,

Where is the love gone?

When will we have a new dawn?

India, in culture and heritage, is rich,

Not everyone value it, that’s the hitch,

Nobody cares about anybody,

Conceited is the word for everybody.

People killing, dying everyday,

All we get to see is fray,

People homeless, hungry, family-less,

Is this how they were meant to be, helpless?

Children learn what they see,

Show them a world, which is hatred-free,

Teach them to love,

Only then, above the rest, they’ll be above.

Just claiming you love your country is never enough,

Proving it by doing something is very tough,

Reuniting the country must be our aim,

For this state today, only we are to blame.

One never knows when life takes a twist,

All the good times will vaporize as mist,

Then we can never recollect the happy and good,

That’ll be time when one thinks, we should!

I just want to see an India, we can preserve till eternity,

That can only be achieved with a cooperative fraternity,

Lets put our hands together and work towards it,

And then the candles of peace and prosperity shall be lit!

As naive as it may sound today, somewhere deep down I know it still holds true for me and I do feel as strongly about it. I used to write, write whatever I felt like, but, I guess, that's where we all make a beginning. A beginning is all that is needed to do anything in life, small or big.