Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The beginning to an exciting journey...

I have read people's blogs and have always wondered how they can actually sit and write so beautifully. There have been some amazing ones that I have come across. I have always wanted to write, write with the elegance of Dale Carnegie or the idealism of Ayn Rand. But, you always know that there is something about you that is and will remain unique. You cannot be someone or do what they do. There is a perpetual distinctive feature about all of us that is just so special and is loved immensely. This being my first, I'd like to share something I wrote about roughly 8 years ago. It was the eve of 'Independence Day', so the 14th of August, 2002.

On the eve, of Independence Day, I think of the country’s state,

Is this really, India’s fate?

Is this what our freedom fighters fought for?

It was not to see such a day, I’m sure!

People are just looking for excuses to kill each other,

Nobody spares anyone, not even his own brother,

Where is the love gone?

When will we have a new dawn?

India, in culture and heritage, is rich,

Not everyone value it, that’s the hitch,

Nobody cares about anybody,

Conceited is the word for everybody.

People killing, dying everyday,

All we get to see is fray,

People homeless, hungry, family-less,

Is this how they were meant to be, helpless?

Children learn what they see,

Show them a world, which is hatred-free,

Teach them to love,

Only then, above the rest, they’ll be above.

Just claiming you love your country is never enough,

Proving it by doing something is very tough,

Reuniting the country must be our aim,

For this state today, only we are to blame.

One never knows when life takes a twist,

All the good times will vaporize as mist,

Then we can never recollect the happy and good,

That’ll be time when one thinks, we should!

I just want to see an India, we can preserve till eternity,

That can only be achieved with a cooperative fraternity,

Lets put our hands together and work towards it,

And then the candles of peace and prosperity shall be lit!

As naive as it may sound today, somewhere deep down I know it still holds true for me and I do feel as strongly about it. I used to write, write whatever I felt like, but, I guess, that's where we all make a beginning. A beginning is all that is needed to do anything in life, small or big.



  1. Kritika!! i'm so happy you've taken to writing :) You will have a regular follower in me :) Good luck and God bless!!


  2. Thank you, Dipika! :)

    Mwah! x