Friday, July 23, 2010

Whispers in the morning

The caress of the malicious wind,
the clatter of raindrops on the window sill,
The sprint of life outside my flap,
doesn’t pry the riot inside.

Equanimity, I use as a fa├žade
to conceal the unease building within,
‘Cuz I thought it was just about time,
but time, it isn’t still.

That doesn’t change how you’ve possessed;
every unbroken thought in my head,
the gamut of dreams of you, that I’ve fabricated
and the burgeoning memories you’ve left me with.

The indelible scar that you’ve left behind
will not mend with time,
Until that very jiffy when you come around,
nothing will ever be perfect.

Your lambent face, those lucid eyes,
that whiff of enchantment I can’t deny,
the poise of joy, the conjuring persona,
crushes my defenses, by a mile.

The assiduous adoration knows no vicinity,
For you are all I yearn for;
Callous till then I shall be and wait,
For I have savored once, the taste of my subsistence
in You.