Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doors of perception

What seems like arrogance,

to me is determination;

The surge of optimism

is the ‘cricketer’ power;

The greenery of jealousy,

shows not less than adoration;

The idiocy of love,

adds color to my life;

The tumult of confusion,

is the abundance of opportunity;

The striking of helplessness,

is merely blindness to chances staring at me;

Piercing music thumping against my eardrums,

is respite from the knot in my head;

The egoistic manifestation,

is not jeopardizing what I believe in;

Acceptance of the mistakes I’ve made,

Give me a chance to avoid them henceforth;

Edification of numerous dreams,

are just pawns to the fortress;

The secrecy of events,

is preventing the jinxing of the same;

The affection of numerous people,

is the excess of love piled up, to be given;

Forgiveness granted,

is letting loose of the burden on my head;

The trust invested easily,

is in the hope that integrity still exists;

Turning a blind eye to pretense,

is convincing myself, that the untainted exist;

Belief in my dreams and myself,

is sheer zeal to achieve beyond limitations of the wits;

Seeking happiness in the small things in life,

are a reminder of the coldblooded world I live in;

Whatever occurs has a reason behind it;

seeking the right or wrong in it, is in my head;

There are facts my perception defies,

but this is life through my eyes.