Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The shooting star in my head...

I spotted a shooting star in the sky,

I felt like soaring into the darkness, and fly.

The stars high above flickered and winked,

And the luminary vanished as I blinked.

I ogled at the nothingness; but we still look up,

To hope, blame, wish and at times to shun a crack-up.

Why had I hoped to see a falling star?

Can anything help, especially something so far?

I pondered on what my desire meant

Was I that helpless and bent,

that I had to depend on a myth?

Everything I want was presented, forthwith.

Still, for the guardian angel, I yearn,

For from the past, I have learnt,

If you believe in your dreams,

all will churn out, exactly as you deem.

A shooting star won’t fetch me what I seek,

It’s solely me, even if I’m judged a freak.

Amongst the fallacy I’d stop to think,

Was it me or the star; I’d probably rethink.


  1. I like the tone and feel of the composition- honest and sincere.