Monday, October 25, 2010

Nothing Else Matters.

So, how many out there can actually say they know themselves in and out? How many can say they know what they want out of their life? How many have been living for themselves, what they like and what they feel? How many have lived a life and done things not just to please somebody else? How many can say they have always been instinctive enough to follow their sixth sense and their heart, in a crisis or even otherwise? I’m pretty sure, not even 40%. So why exactly haven’t we been taught to live life according to our likes and dislikes? Why have we been restricted to follow stereotype ways of life? Why have we been unable to follow our dreams, intrepid of the consequences? Why? There is not a solitary answer to this matter, but it is a question that can be answered ONLY by one self!

It always is the norm of the world that you are perpetually apprehensive ahead of doing what you want to do, because of fear of failure or trepidation of what people would say. We might even go to the extent of leading a mundane life without a purpose, but that’s acceptable to us, because that’s what every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing and it’s just plain convenient. When we have the sense to fight for petty things in life, why can’t we ever break the shackles of judgments? Why are we stuck onto things we have been conditioned with when we have conveniently liberated from what doesn’t suit us? Why do we care about that society, who does zilch when in need? Why do we care about what people say, when they’ve never uttered one word of appreciation? Who are they to criticize when they haven’t ever encouraged? Why do we still care? It is a choice that has been left to us to make, at the end of each day.

Nothing happens until that first dream. The dream is felt, once you’ve woken up. It is the blueprint of your destination. It is always the stepping stone. You dream a dream with closed eyes but you’ve already visualized it to see it transpire. All you need is conviction in the dream and faith in yourself. Unless you believe in what you yearn for with heaps of passion, you can’t move a leaf. Passion is the catalyst to achieve everything you have envisaged for yourself. There is fine line between passion and obsession and none of the two is unconstructive, if, for the right reason. The obsession about a dream filled with passion is the trajectory to your terminal.

We learn from mistakes. A mistake is not a mistake if it is done deliberately. So mistakes in life are pretty much inadvertent, but inescapable too. Every event in your life, every move you’ve made, and every person you’ve loved is a choice you’ve made. Some might have been right, some wrong, but there is something that has been learnt from all these events and has evolved you into a different person. You discover yourself in the process. Mistakes are made; people have learnt from them and advanced ahead. Nobody’s life is a bed of roses and nobody’s, full of thorns. Everybody has scraps of both but, it is up to you how you emerge out of it or choose to stay in it. There again, it’s a choice you’ve got to make. Character comes from within and you can be the honest judge of your own, not others. It shouldn’t matter what people think of you, or even say about you, as long as you believe in yourself and your strokes with the brush.

Failure isn’t always a failure. A letdown is also a nuance of learning. You aren’t a failure because of what you want, that didn’t work out, and you only fail for good, if you’re not willing to try again. You try, you fail, you try again and you thrive. If that second shot wasn’t given, who knows how life’s trail would’ve been altered. It is your reflection process, your ability to cope with rejection, your ability to remain serene during triumph and your outlook towards the world that pare your life into the beautiful sculpture, just as you see in your mind's eye. The paradigm of paradox lies in your actions, when you crave but do nothing about it.

Now is the time, time to believe, dream and inspire. You inspire, first yourself and then the world. Your passion evolves from that one idea, idea from your dream, your dream from your vision; your vision evolves from your eye! So the inception of your life begins with how you choose to ‘see’ the world around you. Break free from the shackles of inhibitions and take your stride to revolutionize your existence, that otherwise will just remain a reverie which could’ve been reality!

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  1. True to the core! my feelings echo with yours..