Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life, a Fairytale?

When I was just a little girl, Momma read me some lovely stories which were about;how wonderfully crafted life is with chocolate houses, how the Prince rides on his beautiful white horse to get his Princess, how evil is always overpowered by the good, etc. which were known as ‘Fairy’-tales for a reason, but, I learnt with time and believed, that it is just meant to be in a hard bound book with fairies and a lot of ‘pink’ all over which just is restricted to tales and never happens in the authentic world, as we were made to imagine since childhood! Life isn’t fair when you’ve been fed with thoughts of perfect lives when, reality is just the contrary.

Considering how my life has unfolded in these past 22 years, it has never been a bed of roses, as I’m pretty sure nobody’s has at some stage or the other. But, then again, I have come to terms with the fact eventually that, it’s only your perspective that makes life a fairytale or a nightmare. My life is a tale of the modern world, which is phasing out exactly how it phases out in the stories, and will end with a ‘Happy ending’.

My tale happens to be an amalgamation of nuances of different facets. I reckon, sometimes, you just know that certain things are meant to be. The inner voice in your head is testimony. The stronger the belief, the louder the voice and the more you know you’re on your way there. That feeling of euphoria, the positive vibes, the insinuations, are all just a substantiation of the same.

The tale of my life is as enchanting and full of magical episodes that have worked out of the realm of the ordinary. It is an assimilation of certain occurrences in the past couple of years that have made me believe in ‘dreams’. If anyone has read, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, it initially would seem like a concept which is uncanny and gets you pondering on how true it is. But, it is and has worked for me over and over again inadvertently. In layman terms; you are what you think, you get what you think you want, and you achieve and lose what you think you can or can’t. It all begins with that one thought. That one bug can either make or break your life irrespective of what the populace has to say about it. You make your life, you make things happen and when that belief in something is robust, there’s no looking back. It has nothing to do with the element of luck as some may deem it because luck is nothing but a manifestation of an uncreative mind wherein you surrender and leave things to occur by themselves and if it doesn’t work out that way, term it as ‘bad luck’. We all dream a lot - some are ‘lucky’, some are not. But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it's real. You are what you feel. It has nothing to do with Luck. As Bon Jovi said, ‘The harder you work towards something, the luckier you get’.

Fairy-tales aren’t a result of someone working hard, though, are they? It is complete fantasy, so ideally fabricated in favor of the whims and fancies of the protagonist that it makes you want to exist there. It makes you want to live in that very world of enchantment. I love this world of mine where fantasy merges with reality and makes it worth living. At the end of each day, if living life your way makes you happy, nothing else should matter, should it, because if you don’t think of your happiness who will? Dread not of dreaming; chase them and live them. There’s no sense in living a life without the enchantment and thrill of a fairytale. Fairytales only exist for those who have the courage to believe in their life being worthwhile and those who believe enough to devise them. As na├»ve as it may sound, fairytales and angels do exist, to seek wherein they lie is subjective to the creativity of your mind. I’m living my fairytale and I relish the enchantment of it day in and day out.