Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memories to hold onto!

It is said that, ties of childhood, last forever and it is so true. It was after 7 whole years that I actually met ‘all’ the people who were an imperative part of my upbringing – My paternal cousins. I remember looking forward to birthdays or festivals as a kid, where all of us would meet and celebrate together, all we needed back then as a family ‘unit’ was a REASON to come together. Those were most definitely the times that shaped me as a person. The joy that one gets from family ties, seldom one finds elsewhere. I have learnt love, tolerance, sharing and caring only from my family, in those years that molded me as a person.

A random thought struck one of us that we should meet and go on a ‘picnic’. Picnics were a customary affair in those times, where all we needed was a public holiday to plan and off we’d go! I remember doing the most fun things on those outings; we’d sing random classics, play games, crack stupid jokes and most importantly, spend quality time together. This was another of those days where all of us were back from work and I was talking to one of my cousins and she said we should all meet up again, like a reunion sorts. Sounded good to me. All I needed was a weekend off to get to Pune from here, hook up with the rest of the bunch and go ahead. What started as a random idea soon culminated into a concrete plan and there it was! Poof! We were going to Kihim Beach, Alibaug!

P.S – I actually told people it was ‘Khilme’ beach for some reason. :P

The night before was a sleepless one, as the excitement set in. I imagined things that we’d do etc. I’m really not surprised it didn’t work out the way I had anticipated, since it was even better. Sometimes you just underestimate the amount people have changed over the years but what you don’t realize is the feelings are still the same and that was exactly the case here. I didn’t really feel that we were meeting after such a long time. It almost was like; it was just yesterday that we had all met. There were no weird moments of silence and bla bla bla that happens at times when you’re meeting someone after so many years. It was all perfectly scripted, as perfectly as a movie, not. Movies are lame. :P

The best part of the trip was that all of us were on the same frequency; be it of madness, of humor, of mind-frame or of intellect. It was a perfect amalgamation of insanity and randomness! That is the perfect blend for us! I don’t think we’ve ever had so much fun together as we did on this trip since we’re all big enough to have different kind of fun when compared to what we did back then. It was a trip to remember for evermore.

What touched me the most was, the binding of human relations. Across distances larger than ever, they sustain, ceaselessly. The feeling of togetherness is the same as it was 10 years back! The feeling of being with ‘family’ was blissful. The presence of each and every one of the four who were on the trip with me, made heaps of a difference to me and without who this trip would not have been the same. Karuna to have given me a flashback, Indu to have been my partner in crime and shared my insanity, Sid for his songs, expressions and randomness and Pooj for her extremely random comments at perfect times! It would’ve been great having Meg, Yams and Sinu on the trip, but maybe some other time. I love all you guys and will forever! Beyond testing times lies the real strength of a relationship. I’m glad I have you guys! Will never let go off all the amazing times we've had, ever!

At the end of the day, Family is Family and there’s nothing in the world that can be a substitute, ever.


  1. Well said!! Interesting what you said though about the binding of human relations. When I was walking with Pooja to the fort, ironically I mentioned the same thing to her. It’s so interesting now to see the way we have grown up and what we think. That we are together and are a unit yet, comes as no surprise to me as we are all tied to and value the bond of being a family; the bond of sticking together no matter what. I mentioned to her then that even though we all know each other, talk practically everyday but we still don't know what goes through each other's mind. This trip undoubtedly helped me learn each of u better. And its fascinating to know that we are all in some way like minded individuals (though mostly in retardness and insanity, but that's not be to accounted for coz that's by default :P )..
    Recalling our childhood days, the number of times we've met up for luncheons or dinners and the number of picnics we've been to I miss them all. Those were the days of ‘bottus’, silly clothes, no hang ups or mood swings but just plain fun. Pbbly the only disappointment at that point of time would have been not getting the food he/she likes! If I could turn back time, I would just for those moments, just for that period of innocence and pure joy in all the little things in life.
    Now that I cannot, I'll cherish the new memories that we'll make now. I'll cherish each minute we spend together because I know the value of it and I know the special place you all have respectively in my life. And Kittu I'll always be your partner in crime and your midnight friend. Remember the call u made to me when i was in B'bay - will cherish that memory always, however insignificant! :)
    Pooja: One memory I'll have yours would be the recent one - the zoo one! Thank you for understanding the importance of it all! I loved every minute of it! :)
    Yams: How can I forget the omelette's we made at home! hahahaha! Still makes me smile always always
    Sid: Your msg on my b'day.. It made my day sweetheart 
    Seenu: Well, the night you called me up from the hospital last new year and the time you spent with me in B'bay...
    Karuna and Meghana: You'll have just been there throughout and I'm glad of that fact. Though I do not have individual memories of each of you'll, maybe because of the distance/age difference/ me being away for a couple of years or whatever, but I truly appreciate you guys just being there every single time, sticking by us.

    Our family for me is a bit like an extra gooey cake - not perfect but who's complaining?

    Cheers to old memories and new beginnings!

  2. Aww man! I remember why I called and what time too! Hehe! I love you! :)

  3. hmmm.. gosh, my sisters can write sooooo much.. awesome..! i dont like reading.. but this was awesome man.... its a pleasure reading this.. and will be..

    i remember so many things.... like me and kittu spending our whole bachpan in tingrenagar,.. those snaps clicked in the drum and all... whn we udes to stay in nilgiri and pradeep appts resp... sastish mama would whistle and we all would look out the window..!! hehehe!!! crazy stuff man...

    indz- i remember the time whn we all cousins spent at ure place, thinkking tht we will go trekking on tht hill next morning..!!bull shit, none of us got up!

    Yams- the college days... the new yrs tht i had with you.. whr u told me, tht i don like u being alone for new yrs.. i love u for tht.....the thing tht u did to me in 10th std.. is unforgettable..!! heheheheeh

    Sinu/ Sid- you are the best brothers anyone can have in a family, one is so bloody responsible, and the other one is a kuchi mau..!!

    karu/ megs- i love u both a lot, for being the cutest and craziest ones.. one has AWESOMMME cousins and the other has CAM !!!! heheheh

    Cheers to all of us.... and this will remain for ever, THis is like a bf-gf relationship... so many complexities..! but wht the hell, its worth it..!!
    I LOVE YOU ALL.......... MUAH.!!!!

  4. Oh Pooj!! I remember those times in the drum! Put those pictures up man! Haha! Oh I remember... It used to be our way of calling each other! What times...!! I always wanted to learn whistling then on.. Hehe! I mean nobody would call each other like that! What times really!! You guys mean so much! But one thing for sure, it's all worth it... been worth all the while! Mwah!!

  5. Hahhaha! I love the way u described megs and karuna!! :)))))))))))))))

    and lol i forgotten all abt this hill thingy! hahahhaha!! We and our plans!!

    and with both of u what i remember is us goin to that hotel- landmark- was it?! So may times you'll used to take me there and then we would come back home and play lego! And there was this one time when Satish Mama had taken us for a walk early in the morning to this lake side and we had seen a kingfisher then and we had gotten so excited! Just getting all nostalgic right now..

  6. Ooh! Landmark, indeed! What a shit place to come to think of it. Man! I knowww! That banyan tree ke paas wala na? Arre haan... We got so hyper and excited when we spotted it.. Man I miss those Banyan tree days!! * Nostalgic* Awww...

  7. Apologies if i am sort of coming in the middle of all the "Love" :-D Cousins are the first friends in your life. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins. Even if you don't get together or talk as much as you would like to as you get older, they'll always remain your best childhood friends.Just glad you all get along so wonderfully. Take care :)

  8. Oh well..You don't have to apologize. Agree with everything you've said! Thanks heaps!
    Cheers! :)