Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Bittersweet Recollection..

Something outlandish happened yesterday. It was bizarre, that feeling. Sometimes you can’t exactly comprehend the reason behind certain feelings and what exactly drives you into feeling them. I read somebody’s message in my inbox and out of the blue a thought crept up that maybe, I was living in a world of futility – Nobody and nothing meant anything. That feeling of emptiness is daunting, not because you’re alone in that feeling, but because you feel that you have nothing worth living for. It was then I wished, I lived in a world with no ‘ifs, ‘buts and ‘maybes. I was actually having a debate within me! I thought then, where is the point if you don’t have anything; to live for, to strive towards, to give all you have and ultimately to make it all worth it? In the deep confines of my mind, I knew that I was all alone in that feeling, but then I thought maybe not. There must be millions of people around the world that feel helpless and vulnerable every single minute. Then, what is it that differentiates all of us, because clearly nobody is the same? It is faith; Faith in oneself, one’s passion and one’s dreams. It comes down to one’s ability to stand tall unbeaten by the tempest that strikes. Relishing a victory in the dearth of a challenge is as good as winning the Cricket World Cup, playing against the Minnow teams. It’s not a feeling that you’d relish for long! Where is the point if you get everything easy and just as you demand it? The achievements that matter the most are the ones wherein nobody believes in it, but you, where people deride you, tell you every single day that you’re being an idiot to even think of it. Only people such would know the true essence of victory!
'Gotta love that'll never die
Gotta love that'll never die
No, no, I'm a lucky girl!'


  1. Hmm, interesting. I know where you are coming from. I really hope everything works out and i am on your side :)