Friday, June 10, 2011

Lead me to the light

It was an empty street. The path was desolate, with nothing but barren land. There wasn’t a hint of existence around. How did I get here, and alone? I had never travelled alone. But I was here now and I didn’t know what to do. Stranded amongst nothingness with only my intuition to lead me, I walked on. I had inkling that I was being watched which was ridiculous because the place was at a standstill, almost like a painting. The feeling never left me but I continued walking. There were desiccated trees here and there, which had indicated the deficit of water in the area. I would have thought it was a wasteland if there was sand, but there were remains of what must have been trees. I felt like a time-machine had transported me to the future where there was nothing, after the end of the world. There was a rustling noise somewhere further, I reckoned they were leaves, but there was not a whiff of wind. Curious, but hesitant at the same time, I trotted on. What if I would encounter an animal of some sort? I was vulnerable and unguarded. This was no fairy tale where a prince riding his magnificent white horse would come and save me or not like magic existed for a miracle. My quandary was I didn’t know how I had landed here, to find a way to return; maybe I had to find the egress myself. Most times we are befuddled because of the choices available, but the true trial of character lies when you have to find your own way out, when you think you have no options. I walked further to find a little shack to my right that seemed burnt. It had a small patch adjoining it, which must have been a vegetable garden, having dried and cluttered shoots all over it. That was dry and worn out now. I didn’t dare enter it. I couldn’t imagine how someone could live there, being surrounded by nothingness. I stood looking at it and swiftly I saw a shadow emerging from behind the hut. Petrified, I stood there, unable to move to make a run for it. It looked like a man. The shadow was slowly growing larger. I was clueless; I would surrender to whatever that was I would let it get me. I didn’t have a choice. Maybe it was him, who was watching me, so I was right. My intuition was leading me right, but it had led me right into this creature. Could it betray me? But how could someone survive in a place like this? It was not viable. I looked forward, there was nothing; I ran and kept running. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if I was being pursued, but there wasn’t anybody. Being alone sometimes is not a scary prospect, but having just one person around is as scary as it can get. I stopped. I was looking around and found myself exactly where I had landed at first. It was the same portrait all over again. This was getting uncanny and scarier by the minute. If I was back to the start, that creature must be around. I frantically looked around and found nobody. I wanted to go home and so I prayed in the hope that God would show me the way. I opened my eyes to the same picture, with no change. Something mum had once said struck me right then, ‘When answers don’t show up readily, you have to look for them; look for signs that endeavor to lead you. Life has different ways of depictions; your duty doesn’t end at asking, you need to identify the signs presented, take the cue and move forward.’ I probably wasn’t looking enough to find a way to get out of the rut I was stuck in. Maybe I was receiving my share of signals but wasn’t paying attention. There was a blinding flash of light somewhere ahead and I was engulfed by darkness. I fell; and kept falling in the darkness, into oblivion.

I felt vertigo and woke up with, startled! What in the name of the devil was that?! It felt so real, like a psychic hallucination; maybe it was a glimpse into the future or a replication of the juncture I was in life currently. I was not sure. Subconsciously, you see your deepest desires, sometimes things you steer clear off, most times what you yearn the most and now and again messages that are to be conveyed, but seldom acknowledged. But what matters most in all these reveries is the elucidation and amalgamation of these little things into your life, most often that we fail to coagulate.