Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 regrets on my death bed that I WOULDN’T have’!

A friend on Twitter inspired me to write this today. While I was reading an article posted by him, which was ‘The 5 regrets on the death bed’, and while I thought of it, I realized that for my part, there are most likely ‘10 regrets on my death bed that I WOULDN’T have’!

1. Standing up for what I have believed in, irrespective of what anybody has had to say.

2. Keeping close, the people who matter most to me.

3. Having lived the life I have wanted and not what others wanted to see from mine.

4. Meeting most people I have idolized and wished for, however far-fetched the thought might have ‘seemed’.

5. Always being a dreamer and an optimist, not a pragmatist or a cynic.

6. Being in love.

7. Forgiving and moving on from the mistakes some have made.

8. Giving myself a second chance.

9. Being determined with every single fiber and getting what I really wanted, as impossible as it seemed.

Last of all,

10. Being myself.

I have made quite a few foes in the bargain, I know that with certainty, but those who expect me to live by their perceptions and expectations aren’t really ‘friends’ to begin with, so no qualms. I honestly love my life and love everything that has come with it, making me who I am today. I’d rather be disliked for what I am, than liked for what I’m not.

I really hope a lot of others too would know sometime what they will NOT regret on their deathbeds than what they would.

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