Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seasons in the Sun

When we were little, we played in drums of water

Running amok amongst sheep while days grew hotter

We watched the airplanes rocket over our heads

While all of us squeezed in together, in our tiny little beds

We amused ourselves in waterfalls and streams

And picked roadside ice-golas over ice creams

Together, we sang classics of our parents’ times

While we trekked through life’s climbs

We thrived in those golden days of childhood

Where come what may, together we stood

Eight years after, eight of us got together

Somehow we just knew it was now or never

Who has seen tomorrow and what it brings

While we had the chance, we did dance and sing

Through all our differences our diverse lives

It is the love that makes our rapport survive

Its times like these you are grateful for what you have

Its times like these you love like you never have

Childhood bonds are the toughest to crack

We have proved we’ve always got each other’s back

It is family that comes foremost in life always

Although we might pick different paths, alike will be our ways.

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