Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are you a Naysayer? Yeah.. I know what you have to say.

When I was 5, I wanted to run with the Sheep,
They said Sheep were dirty.
When I was 6, I wanted to dance,
They applauded and said, do whatever you like.
At 7, I wanted to read something other than Fairy Tales,
They said they were for little kids and read them out to me.
At 8, I painted ugly mountains and soiled my clothes,
They said I shouldn’t be so unclean.
At 9, I wanted to read and yap away to glory,
They said you mustn’t talk so much. Go out and play.
At 10, I wanted to grow roses in the garden,
They said, I’d cut my hand as roses have thorns.
At 11, I wanted I wanted to cycle,
They said, I’d scrape my knees if I fell.
At 12, I fell in love with cricket and a cricketer,
They laughed and said don’t waste your time.
At 13, I wanted to gorge on ice-candies and junk,
They said I’d fall ill if I did.
At 14, I was an introvert, submissive, cleanliness freak,
They said it was okay to be a little filthy and talk much.
At 15, I needed some fresh air and wanted play,
They said, shut up, it’s not the time.. Sit and study.
At 16, I wanted to live a Fairy Tale,
They said, fairy tales don’t exist.
At 17, I said I wanted to do something related to cricket,
They said you are no more a kid; you need to be wiser than that.
At 18, I said I wanted to do something different,
They said; you’re juvenile, listen to us and don’t let your parents down.
At 19, I hated Engineering and everything associated,
They admired the degree I was acquiring.
At 20, I hated it even more and said I wanted to write,
They seemed to love engineering even more and said I was stupid.
At 21, I said I wanted glory and not in Engineering,
They said Engineering was the ‘in-thing’ and would never run out of demand.
At 22, I was a mediocre engineer and a complete rebel,
They congratulated me for the former, never realized the latter.
At 23, I don’t really care and they’ve brought this up on themselves,
It has ended here; they don’t have a say anymore.

Please note : The 'They' in the above are those who actually don't give a rat's ass and have nothing to do with me, but love giving their expertise judgments, even if it hasn't been asked for, as I'm sure a lot of people do every single day. 

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