Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kritika for Chief Funster: My indelible two-week journey

We’re two days away from the big announcement of who have made the Top 3 amongst the 25 shortlisted Chief Funsters, and even the thought brings butterflies of nervous excitement. Every thought, every conversation I have, everything I say just seems to be revolving around the shortlisting and the announcement due in a couple of days. I even dreamt I bumped into Mick Vawdon (the lead singer of White Shoe Theory) at this gorgeous eatery (must be a sign?). My mind is racing with multiple thoughts of if, buts, maybes, but I reckon when you care enough about something, these thoughts are bound to come. Gilly said before one of the matches recently, “If I’m not nervous about a game, I need to go home!” Summed it up beautifully. 

 My ‘referee challenge’ post shortlisting has been one of the craziest journeys I have ever undertaken. Had it not been essential, I don’t think anybody would’ve even known about the shortlisting, except a few close friends. But since it was a part of the challenge to gain as much advocacy and support as possible, it had to be done, and looking back, it was one, very gratifying experience. For firsts, I had no idea so many people even cared – let alone wished well – about my endeavours. Two, the support I received from people I knew; some who I barely did, some who I didn’t know and still don’t, from different corners of the world has been overwhelming. People offering help for my campaign, writing me messages of support, was just all too sweet and humbling. Thank you! 

 When the first article of my shortlisting was published, there was a weird sense of introversion and it felt a little uneasy to be talking about the article, the shortlisting, the contest, my entry to people I knew. Their perception towards me had changed a tad shade – for better or worse – I didn’t like it; it had thrown me out of my comfort zone of just going about doing my own thing without anyone really knowing (like the contest for the World T20). 

But, my endorsements were the favourite part of my campaign; Alan Wilkins, Ricky Ponting, Mike Hussey, Daren Ganga, James Knight, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Gautam Bhimani, Pragyan Ojha, Luke Wright were few of the ‘big names’ on Team Kritika for Chief Funster. It was almost like this was scripted to happen – for me to have my heroes endorse me for something I’ve been dreaming about for so many years. If you asked me what perfect was, I would say, this was. 

 I feel blessed and extremely grateful to have been shortlisted from about 600,000 applicants; it is an honour. I’m not sure what I’m going to find out on Wednesday, but the last two weeks have been extremely exciting, given the magnitude of the challenge. There were lots of highs, not so many lows, but one thing I know is I did all that I could in those 2 weeks to support my shortlisting and did my best – whether it was going all the way to Raipur to get my endorsements from Alan and Daren or going that extra mile to have Ponting and Hussey on my team! All of it will be very special. I want to win and of course, it would mean the world to win having had all these great personalities vouching for me. If not, I’ll think about it on Wednesday.. but for now, I have my fingers, toes and everything crossed!

I’m just two steps away from my dream being realized.

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