Saturday, July 20, 2013

Battle through or be swallowed by the tide

We walked through the tranquil water expanse – knowing it was what I feared, he said it was necessary. I reeked of apprehension, but he promised not to let go. I held his hand as we stepped into the colossal waters. We began walking towards the fort on the other side. As we muscled on, the waters displaying their eccentricity changed from serene to bustling and demanded my endurance. Fear gripped every cell in my body, but we were half way there. I was left with two choices: battle through or be swallowed by the tide. There was no backing down now; as he promised, he hadn’t let my hand out of his grasp. There was little he could do if I chose to give up. He was my support, but only as long as I chose to have him. I picked to make it count. He had no purpose treading that path, but I had fear to overcome; he found purpose in mine and I found inspiration in him. Enduring the hostility of the waters, my hand gripped securely in his, we realized a new reason with every step we took towards the fort. 

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