Monday, July 22, 2013

..Till she started loving herself

Didn’t believe she was lucky
Until she saw the unfortunate
Didn’t believe there’s a place and time for everything
Until she left what she had to get something better instead
Didn’t believe in luck or serendipity
Until he came into her life despite the distance
Didn’t believe in destiny
Until he kept coming back to her
Didn’t believe the universe had a plan for her
Until every failure was followed by something better   
Didn’t believe in the power of dreams
Until she lived through one
Didn’t believe love could be found in the darkest place
Until he came from nowhere and swept her off her feet
Didn’t believe she could love another
Until she began loving him
Didn’t believe she’d be heartbroken  
Till he ruthlessly broke her heart
Didn’t think she would convalesce
Until she indulged into a new passion
Didn’t believe she would stop feeling lonely
Until she found company within herself
Didn’t think she would trust another
Till she started trusting her instincts
Didn’t think she could stop the tears
Until she didn’t have a reason to shed them
Didn’t believe she could love again
Until she fell in love with herself – all over again.

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