Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why I will remember 2013

Why I will remember 2013

It was the year I lost my equivalent to a horse whisperer; he was the ‘Kritika whisperer’. I miss him dearly, even after a whole year has passed.
For all those who have gone out of their way to be there for me.
For the most fun I’ve had in ages since mid-October!
My tattoo. Finally!
My pixie cut… and I absolutely love it!
I got back to my own, happy-chappy, optimistic self after a long time.
I met some fantastic people throughout the year. (Those that have made my year special have heard from me in person.)
Some of the people I met have moved me to another plane. I am extremely grateful they happened to me.
My job with Wisden India
The first wedding of the family
My best friend’s wedding
My trip to the North-East of India
Australia winning back the Ashes in style
Russell Peters’ weekend (All 3 days - as special as it can get.)
The big fat Telugu wedding in November
The Best Jobs shortlisting
All the fantastic people helping me out with my campaign
The features during the contest
My night outs with the girls
My trip to Bandipur that beat almost every other trip in the last two years
My New Year’s Eve
The Halloween party
WAG feeling at the concert in September of my rockstar
Avicii’s concert
The lungi dance video
The number of all-nighters I have had and have successfully pulled off
The prawn masala at 5 am at ITC
Random musings from strangers that have meant heaps
Random messages that have made my day
Finding my Godfather-like figure
My two minutes with C.
Enjoying my own company heaps
The magic dust I possess
My new obsession with the word 'fabulous'

Things I’ve learnt 

Being grateful – it is one of the best things I’ve learnt this year.
Smoking is addictive.
Being fit feels awesome!
Family is the most important thing in life. Nobody will be there for you like your family will.
Some men are true gentlemen; they know how not to be creeps even if they have the chance.
A leopard can’t change its spots.
The virtue of selfishness
Spending your time in the company of pessimistic people makes you a cynic yourself.
When one door closes, another well and truly does open.
Some people care about you more than you think, while others claim to care about you lesser than they actually do.
Nothing lasts forever.
Even years later, some relationships are just the same.
Promises are seldom kept; often forgotten, if not broken.
Not everyone who compliments you has a hidden agenda.
Surreal things happen when you least expect them.
People who want to be in your life will find a way; those who don’t are not worth it.
What we tell ourselves matter more than the lies others tell us.
Don’t trust anything if you can't see where it keeps its brain.
This is the youngest or oldest I'll ever be - so might as well make the most of it and not curb myself from doing things that give me joy.
Don't depend on anyone except yourself.
Love yourself, follow your dreams and don't give up on things you really want for people - it's never worth it.

Motto of 2014 – I don’t fucking care…no-one fucking cares (Chris Newburg style)


  1. Lots of great wisdom K, I'm truly impressed and inspired. Thank you :-)

  2. The pleasure is all mine, Michal! You have already heard from me in my email how much our friendship means to me. Much love! x

  3. If someone ask me what do u mean by unique?...i will answer "KRITIKA"...Impressed!!!!! Gud Luck:)