Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Camaraderie in Kodachadari

By and large, I’d like to think that I am not quite a delinquent when it comes to mingling with people. But going to some place another with strangers would definitely pose a challenge. I did experience a part of that when I went to Leh a couple of years ago, but I knew one of them really well and met few of the others a couple of them, so that doesn't count,  I guess. That said, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to have begun my trails of adventure after moving to Bangalore. I have always believed that it is the people who make or break your experience of situations, and for that I am grateful for that particular bunch.

There are a few things that I take back from the trip as fondly as I can imagine apart from the misty mountains, the incessant rains, the plethora of greenery and some fond memories.

Firstly, camaraderie: every individual has contributed in making my trip just as memorable as the other. And without even a single one of them, it wouldn’t have been the same.

Two, the spirit. I would be quite off the mark if I said that it was a pleasant and cheerful journey throughout.It wasn' certain times, not even close. But it is because of adversities and distresses that one actually learns to appreciate and treasure the happy and finer things in life. All the randomness, the absurdity, finding something to smile about in harsh conditions, the feeling of cohesion was incredible!

And lastly, the escapade in the voyage we had undertaken. Right from the lush green forests, to my snake treat, to the enchanted waterfall, to the incessant rainfall, to the leech infestation, to the adaptation to uncomfortable conditions, to pushing yourself one step further out of your comfort zone, we saw it all. It was an incredible journey that will always be special to me for more than one reasons.