Friday, February 20, 2015

Chasing pavements

Seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days and days to months. You lose the concept and essence of time when you’re caught in between “should” and “need”. You “need” to do a lot of things as rationale may state, but what do you do when every fiber of your being screams otherwise? The want transcends the need and the need is in turn skewed.  

What can you do to silence that voice inside your head that asks you to hope, believe and hold on? What can you do to fight your gut feeling? Sometimes, the best antidote to fighting it is to hang onto it. It may hurt, but hurting is inevitable in such a situation. But won't you rather cling onto hope than hurt in despair and then wonder ‘what if’ somewhere down the path.

Call me stupid, call me blind, call me na├»ve, but you can’t kill the idealist in me. Whether that utopian scenario makes or breaks, time will tell, but either way, lessons will be learnt.