Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unleashing the make-believe

Have you been so bored that you just stared into the infinite expanse of the skies above and watched the arbitrarily shaped clouds float by? Have you thought they resembled an animal or an object which eventually transfigured into another form? I have, heaps of times. Have you also tried to convince someone accompanying you how that looked like a lopsided rabbit and gotten a response that it looked like an inverted umbrella?

When I was little, I used color to unleash bottled expressions to form various non-figurative forms that had concealed significances; none that I could make anything of. The menial choices I was to make then were to single out the colors to be picked or whether pencils outline would do the job better in contrast to the stroke of a brush - they were a product of my whims and fancy. Every stroke was unthought-of, purely instinctive and the picture on the paper was only the artifact of what was visualized in my head.

As time passed by, the hidden forms started evolving to structures that started making sense, gradually, eventually. Every stroke and color had a meaning; a deeper veiled reason. I then began configuring life around those deeper meanings, but was that really me? Time and situations demanded more choices that were to be made. Unsure and unquestionably naïve, some were made. Dithering as I was about a lot of them, I still made them.

Were those the result of an intrepid unleashing of make-believe? Perhaps. 

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