Thursday, February 18, 2016

Silver linings

Bangladesh reinstated my faith in silver linings.

For starters, it reinforced the understanding that I have people who form a part of my extended family who care about me immensely - whether I see them once a year, not in years, or whatever. They were there for me, just like my family was and cared just as much. So much so, my mum could sleep peacefully in the knowledge that Alan and Nigel were there looking out for me despite not being there physically!!

Alan checked on me at least thrice a day, asking me updates as to when I would get my passport back and kept tab of everything I was doing to ensure I was okay. Nigel was in constant touch via email every single day making sure his friends in Dhaka were doing everything they could to help me out. I'm not sure how I would've made it without their love and support.

Second, having Saurabh and Niranjan there was a massive support. Both of them were fantastic helping me through all of it. I hadn't spent much time with Saurabh much before that, but that trip forged a new bond between us - one that transcended borders after as we had a fabulous time in Dubai after. As for Niru, he'll always be my go-to buddy - for a drink, a conversation or a rant session. Super grateful for them.

Third, strangers become great friends in times like these. Isam was one of those. He was always just a phone call away; always looking out for me. Having him as moral support meant heaps to me! (Need to thank Somani for that!) As was the case with Rizwan, Iftekhar and the others who were always there. It all meant truckloads and I will always remain eternally grateful to them.

Fourth, I made new friends. (Yes, I loved that bit!)

Five, I made the most of the chance of being there and was pretty proud with the way I handled the entire situation, having never experiencing anything like that. It only made me realise that when pushed to a wall, you do everything you can to get yourself out of it.. and do it right enough to be okay. And so I did.

It might not have been the ideal situation to have found myself in, but at the end of the day, there was quite a bit of learning in it - one that will serve as a reminder every day that there are people across the world who love. That's what really life is really about: creating these bonds that will last forever irrespective of time and space. I just feel really lucky.

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